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16 Reasons to go vorTEX 


·                    Give the customer what the customer wants.
There is a growing trend world-wide for customers to demand layflat books. The customer wants layflat books at perfect binding prices. For smaller operators and often even for bigger ones, this is not feasible. With a vorTEX, it IS feasible. The secret to great sales is simple: Give the customer what the customer wants and you will make money.


·                    Be ahead of the competition.
Have you ever wondered: “What happens when the competition can offer affordable layflat binding to its customers, but you can’t?”
Now ask yourself: “What will happen to the competition if I can offer affordable layflat binding but they can’t?”
Do you spot the opportunity? The vorTEX gives you that opportunity.


·                    Make sure you’re in the future.
There is no question about it: Layflat is the demand of the future. Affordable layflat books are a given for the future. Right now, the most affordable way to mass-produce layflat books with hot glue binding is with a vorTEX. That means doublebinding is the book binding technology of the future—worldwide. Will you be in the future today, or will you wait until your business is part of history before trying to catch up?


·                    Ease of operation.
Layflat books are possible using methods such as Otabinding, Smythe sewing, PUR gluing or case binding. But all of these methods are slow and expensive. None of them can match doublebinding on a vorTEX for sheer uncomplicated operation and low cost. With a vorTEX you insert the cover, insert the book, press a button, release the clamp and remove your book. Set-ups are fast and uncomplicated. If you liked the uncomplicated nature of perfect binding, you’ll love the vorTEX because it is even easier than perfect binding to operate. No worries about nipping issues. Operators require less training than even perfect binding operators. 


·                    Low capital cost.
Everybody loves a great solution to a big problem that comes at a really low price. The vorTEX/////doublebinder is such a machine. The vorTEX comes at a fraction of the price of the alternatives. A vorTEX compares to a mid-range perfect binding machine, and is generally more than six times less than a PUR machine. PUR is a fantastic technology. But if money matters to you, then consider the price advantage. One customer recently realized for the price of one PUR machine he could have bought four vorTEX machines and still had enough change left over to buy a Mercedes Benz!


·                    Peace of mind.
If you have to worry that the quality will be acceptable after you’ve delivered your products, you need to think vorTEX. With three times the GPO page pull strength and beautiful layflat quality, you can have the comfort of knowing that you have given your customer a product that is of the highest quality. 


·                    Professional pride.
If you are a professional you take pride in your work and pride in your products. You want to under-promise and over-deliver. A vorTEX allows you to do just that.


·                    Be the little guy that gets the big contract.
A lot of the big contracts or expensive orders specify that layflat characteristics are required. Often times PUR binding is expressly specified. Smaller finishers are often unable to afford such expensive equipment and so they either have to outsource the binding or lose the order. The vorTEX/////doublebinder answers to the needs of many of these customers. You could very likely pick up those orders if you have a vorTEX.


·                    Be the big producer that can handle the little jobs.
Big producers use big binding machines that do big jobs only. It is not efficient to run small jobs on big machines. But there is always need to accommodate the occasional small production run. Why? Sometimes the big machine breaks down before a production run is finished. It is inefficient to set up a big machine for the last couple of hundred books. But a vorTEX means you can complete the run without sacrificing efficiency. Alternatively there are often high-value, small issue jobs for important customers that cannot be turned away. With a vorTEX in one corner, you can quickly finish that order and never have to bother to stop your fast-flowing production line. Sometimes proof copies are required by editors and proof-readers or for various other purposes. With a vorTEX you can produce high quality layflat books without interfering with your big production.


·                    Be able to handle bigger production runs if you’re a small finisher.
Small finishers often stay small because they say no to big jobs. With a vorTEX you can produce 250-300 books per hour. For the price of a good perfect binder, this means you can start dealing with more industrial-sized orders.


·                    Have an affordable backup for high-volume machines.
What do you do when your high volume machine breaks down one hour before the deadline? Can you fix it in time? If you had a vorTEX tucked away in a corner, you would be like a truck driver who changes a tyre in stead of having to patch a tube. You have backup. That means greater reliability, better production, more peace of mind, less stress, happier customers and a healthier bottom line.


·                    Have an uncomplicated layflat machine for producing sample books & jobbing.
This is such an important feature, it bears mentioning again!


·                    Don’t outsource—do it yourself!
Too many printers outsource jobs when they could easily retain more profits by doing binding in-house. This way you have total control over the outcome. A vorTEX means you have an affordable, uncomplicated machine that can get the job done in a way which allows you to concentrate the most on the most technical part of the job—the printing process.

Outsourcing is a great solution for some printers. But for many others it means losing precious control. When you outsource your deadline and the quality of your end product becomes at the mercy of a third party over which you have little control. By doing your own binding on an affordable machine, you have the control you need.


·                    Grow up.
Many small printers grow up to be publishers when they see new opportunities. If you are considering adding book binding to your present services, then there is no better machine for a beginner than a vorTEX/////doublebinder. The price is affordable, the operation is simple, the learning curve is low and the products compare with the best. What a great way to make a start in the publishing industry!


·                    Beat bad economic times.
The economy is pinching world-wide and the printing industry has not escape. But there are two kinds of printers and publishers: those that sit and wait for better times, and those who make better times come sooner. How do the second group achieve this? By being resourceful. Winners think of new products, new markets, and new ways to do old things more smartly. The vorTEX enables you to do all these things.

Firstly, it can enable you to offer a service you may not currently be able to offer—this means new products—books!

Secondly, this can open entirely new markets for you. The vorTEX enables you to produce your own books, NCR books, and pads. Even if you’ve outsourced these jobs in the past, now you can retain those profits by doing it all in-house.

Thirdly, of course, the vorTEX can help you do business more smartly. How? Lower capital cost for a machine means your production cost is lower, which means your sales price can be more competitive and your profit margin can be bigger. Furthermore, if you have a machine which is as simple as the vorTEX to operate, you can have great productivity that saves you hassle, saves you time and saves you money. In this way the vorTEX can help you get ahead while the opposition is huddling, waiting for better times to come.


·                     Because you’ve had enough of perfect binding?
Let’s face it—perfect binding was a swearword in the past. Then it got better. But it has always remained a problematic binding method: Books that don’t want to lie open flat, spines that crack when bent back too far, cutting blades that are blunt or which don’t cut evenly, noise, dust… and those dreadful calls from unsatisfied customers.

Perfect binding is used on enormous scale today simply because it is such a cheap, uncomplicated binding method that we are willing to grudgingly put up with it’s deficiencies. But why put up with them if there is now something that is three times better, yet comes with almost all the advantages that perfect binding had? This is what the vorTEX can do for you.

Compared to doublebinding on a vorTEX, perfect binding may very well become a swearword again in the future.


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