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Syncro Numbering and Perforating Machine


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The “SYNCRO” Numbering and Perforating machine is fully automated with unique features. It is a top loading, bottom feeding machine with a Suction Paper Feeding System. With this design the operator need ‘never’ to stop the production of a particular job until completed.

It can simultaneously:

  •  Number
  •  Perforate
  •  Score
  •  Slit
  •  AND OVERPRINT (Imprinting by means of a typical rubberstamp rubber) there are 3 different ink-impregnated ink rollers available, Red, Black and Blue. 

Of all the machines available on the market, this one is probably the easiest to operate. It is a hardy, rugged piece of equipment, yet it picks up thin paper stock in a very unique and refined manner. It simply does not pick up double sheets, it is literally ‘unbreakable’ with over designed moving parts. The name SYNCRO is derived from the word “Synchronization”, the timing can literally never go out of sync.

Apart from checking the compressor oil level, there is NO servicing necessary.

The SYNCRO’s in-drum-suction configuration/dimension is exactly that of a Heidelberg GTO, from the Numbering head to the Perforating wheel. This wheel cuts onto a replaceable Spring steel jacket, therefore the cuts are crisp, with almost no build up when the paper is stacked. Some other products makes use of an expensive male and female scissor-style cutting method, which cannot be sharpened by the user. It has to be replaced.  On the SYNCRO, the accuracy of the perf cut-line is so precise, if you were to perforate the same paper twice, it would fall apart.  

The machine comes standard with one perforating mechanism and one numbering head. Up to 6 heads can be fixed onto one ring, more rings and perforating units can be added onto the machine in minutes.

The maximum width is 340mm wide x 450mm in length, meaning that one cannot do an A3 landscape book, unless you specifically order the wider model. Paper stock thickness varies from 46gsm up to 160gsm.

Doing your numbering OFFLINE has tremendous advantages, e.g. not tying down your expensive press with the process of numbering and perforating, the labour cost must also be taken into consideration, an ordinary bindery person, who has never operated any sort of machinery will easily learn to operate the SYNCRO in a few hours.

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