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Tips for requesting a machine shipping quote

We receive many requests for transport quotations, usually from casual enquiries from unqualified buyers. Shipping estimates are always referred to logistics companies. We would typically useMorgan Cargo or Hellmann Logistics. You will receive faster service and lower prices by requesting your shipping quotes directly. You can also use any other logistics company of your choice. 

Logistics and transport companies will often provide a shipping estimate, and not a shipping quote. This is because the final cost is determined by factors such as fuel and insurance charges that are constantly changing.

To obtain a shipping estimate for a binding machine, the following request can be suggested:

Company name:
Company address:
Telephone with country code:
Email address:

Dear Sir/Madam,


Please be so kind as to provide a shipping quotation for the following:

  • Product: Book binding machine.
  • Condition of machine: New.
  • Product details: Product is supplied in an untreated wooden crate of the following weigt and dimensions: _______________. (Please obtain the final figures from your quotation. These are approximate sizes and weight and may vary slightly with different orders.)
  • Your sales terms: EXW from George, South Africa to [name of your port of delivery, which in most cases would be your nearest international airport].
  • Your sales methods: Pre-payment.
  • Your quoted sales price: ____________
  • Kindly note that heavy cargo handling facilities such as forklift would be required.
  • The crate must be transported upright and cannot be turned sideways.


[Your name]

Now send your request to any of the following logistics companies, or any other company of your choice:

Morgan Cargo Logistics 
Colleen Thomson
Tel: +27 11 390 9200
Fax: +27 11 390 3301 
Email: colleen@morgancargo.com or hine@morgancargo.com
Web address: www.morgancargo.com
Physical address: Warehouse 1, Perishable Cargo Triangle, Northern Perimiter Road, OR Thambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Tel: +27 11 928 7000
Fax: +27 11 392 1580
Email: vnunco@za.hellmann.net or pvanwyk@za.hellmann.net 
Web address: www.hellmann.net
Physical address: Hellman Worldwide Logistics (Pty) Ltd, 48 Electron Avenue, Isando, 1600, Johannesburg, South Africa.

or send your quotation request to any other shipping and logistics company of your choice.

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