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Powerbind Total Photobook Solution
The full solution for making hard cover gloss photobooks


This inexpensive system produces the highest quality photooks with total layflat quality. 

This is a unique solution which does not exist elsewhere in the world. It is aimed at producing the highest possible quality photobooks in low volumes. Download the Total Photobook Solution video clip (20Mb) or YouTube video: http://youtu.be/Zc8Y7zrfDAQ

What are the applications?

  • Produce photobooks with true layflat quality.
  • Produce coffee table books with true layflat quality.
  • Perfect for producing low to medium volumes of annual general reports that require layflat.
  • A unique solution for binding high gloss paper affordably.
  • Bind paper types and thicknesses that cannot be bound on conventional binding machines such as perfect binders.
  • Bind digitally printed stock easily and safely.
  • Very well suited for print-on-demand applications.
  • A full solution for producers who want to start offering hard cover products for the first time.
  • A perfect solution for users who wish to start binding books on small scale with an inexpensive system for the first time.
  • Highly suitable for large producers who occasionally have small production runs that require unmatched binding quality.
How does it work?

There are three stages:


Stage 1 - Paper grinding

  • If high gloss paper is used then the gloss coating has to be removed in order for the glue to adhere to the paper.
  • The paper sheets are fed one at a time by hand through the Sidegrinder.
  • All coatings such as ink, clay, UV coating and fuser oils are removed evenly to an absolutely controlled depth.
  • Only a 0.5mm strip of paper fibre is thus exposed on the binding section.
  • This produces a bonding surface to which glue can adhere with maximum effect.
  • If uncoated paper is used, this step may not be necessary.

Stage 2 - Binding

  • Ground pages from step 1 are now inserted into the Flexibind Photobook Gluer, one at a time, starting with the front cover.
  • Each succeeding page that is added must be separated by the insertion of an inexpensive separator cartridge.
  • The separator cartridges are made of non-stick material and are completely re-usable.
  • A binding cloth strip is inserted into the machine.
  • The binding cloth is coated with a special super-flexible glue.
  • The binding cloth as a non-stick mask, which makes peeling off any spilled glue extremely easy once the glue has dried.
  • The book block is now lowered into the glue section using a feature that ensures insertion of the pages to a specific depth.
  • The binding is now complete and the book block is removed for the glue to dry.
  • When the glue has dried the separator cartridges are pulled out. Since they are of non-stick material they are removed with great ease.
  • This results in a soft and super-flexible spine that curves smoothly and perfectly as the book is paged. The binding strength is unmatched.
  • The books lie open 180 degrees.
  • Accomodates a wide range of papers from 100gsm upwards.


    Stage 3 - Making the hard covers

  • Hard covers are now made using the Execu Casemaker in a well-known standard method that is known to all finishing houses.
  • The self-adhesive, pre-printed cover material is held in place by the light table's clamps, which are pre-set to the desired dimentions.
  • The front- and back boards as well as the spine strip is inserted.
  • The clamps are then removed and the corners are cut using a corner cutting tool to make the process easier and more neat.
  • The corners are then folded in using the finger nail or preferably a "folding bone."
  • The covers is then fed through the tension rollers in order to fold the sides of the cover material in smoothly and neatly.
  • The entire cover is then given a final pass through the rollers to ensure total flatness.
  • The cover is then laid open so that first the book block, and then he end papers may be inserted.
  • The self-adhesive side of the end papers are exposed and the smoothed down into the covers.
  • The book is now complete.
  • With this system even the smallest of producers can manufacture hard cover books that are as good, and usually considerably better than anything that is available from even large and highly sophisticated finishing houses.
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    Will it work with regular binding machines? 

    • This machine is intended to work with the doublebinding and fanbinding processes.
    • It will therefore also be well-suited for books that are hand-bound with PVA glue.
    • It will not work where cutting into the spine is required, such as perfect binding.


    • Powerbind's signature robust construction and high quality.
    • Extremely versatile - handles a wide range of papers.
    • Requires no scheduled maintenance, except for periodic replacement of scoring rollers.
    • Parts are shipped worldwide and additional separator cartridges can be ordered as needed.
    • Very portable.
    • Small footprint.
    • No electricity required for the Sidegrinder and Execu Casemaker.
    • Very low price.

    Optional Accessories

    The following optional accessories are available:

    Corner cutter - used for cutting book covers to a uniform shape.

    Paper separator cartridges are made of non-stick material and are inserted in-between every page in a book.  The user will therofore require on separator cartridge for every two pages in a book. The separator cartridges can be reused indefinitely but can only be removed once the glue has dried.

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