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Perfect Binding Disasters

Even though perfect binding remains as the most popular soft cover book binding method today, it carries some risk. In the hands of careless operators using some of the many cheap and nasty machines on the market, the results can be devastatingly injurous to any printing house or finishing operation.

     There seems to be a never-ending stream of binding disasters that are simply a direct result of inferior machines used or of machines that have not been properly maintained. Perfect binding machines need to be very carefully set up to exact design parameters.

     Attention to this kind of details is what made the TT perfect binding range of Syncrom Binding and Finishing Systems by far the strongest sigle-clamp perfect binder in the world. And it is also what has made it by far the best-selling perfect binding machine of its kind in Southern Africa.

     The following pictures illustrate what can happen when perfect binding goes wrong:

This book was bought brand new off the shelf. It has an un-cut ridge of which the binding failed within the first day of careful reading.

Once this book's spine was bent back a little too far, the spine snapped. After that, the book continued to spill more pages as entire sections broke out of the spine bind.

This book was taken off a printer's production line. It has an immensely thick perfect binding spine which makes the book extremely strong. The downside is that the thick spine makes the book absolutely impossible to hold open, even after repeated vigorous smoothing down the middle. The print-on-demand customer rejected the entire production run on account of poor finish and bad folding quality.

     These examples should illustrate why it is important to invest in a high quality perfect binder, even if a customer is not ready to upgrade to the much superior world of doublebinding yet.

     The Multi TT320 perfect binding machine is available through Syncrom's network of distribution agents. Enquiries are welcomed. For South African enquiries, please contact Yolanda Polsen or Johan Potgieter at www.silvertechnology.co.za (former Transvaal, Free State and Natal regions). Alternatively contact Chris Fourie at www.bindingequipment.co.za (Entire Cape region).

     For all non-South African enquiries, please contact Herman Labuschagne at the contact details below, or by clicking to the Request a quotation page.

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