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genIUS Fanbinder

The world's most affordable layflat binder


The revolutionary genIUS fanbinder.

The genIUS fanbinder video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/_M8EYZUgSxA

Video clip of the genIUS Fanbinder in action. Click here to download and save the file (16.5MB).

How does it work?

Every master bookbinder will know that the strongest way of glue binding a book has always been the way it has been done for a century. The process invovles clamping the book block, bending over the pages, applying PVC glue, and then allowing the pages to relax and dry. This process is known as fanbinding. The problem is just that fanbinding is far too time-consuming and expensive to be used for higher volume production.

The good news is that this is no longer a problem.

Owing to the complexities of how different types of paper behaves, it has never been possible to produce a machine that would fanbind with the same consistent quality of the hand binding process. Until recently, that is, when the inventors of the industry-changing doublebinding technology produced the world's first industrial fanbinding machine.

This machine, the genIUS, produces books with the same quality and accuracy as done by  hand. In fact, in many cases it produces superior quality to the hand process. The main advantage, however, is speed. With the genIUS Fanbinder, an average book can be bound with hotmelt EVA glue in under 25 seconds - from laying a hand on the cover to holding up the final product for inspection.

This impressive achievement is unmatched in industry today.

What can this machine do?

  • The genIUS fangrinder binds high gloss coated stock that perfect binding machines using EVA glue cannot bind.
    This includes paper with fuser oil, high ink saturation in the binding section and even UV coating.
  • The machine produces 100% layflat books.
  • The machine produces the highest binding strength we have ever seen.
  • Produce photobooks with a quality glue binding and true layflat quality.






  The genIUS Fanbinder produces true layflat books - even with heavy, high gloss paper

What are the advantages of doublebinding?

The advantages of the genIUS Fanbinder are the following:

  • The most affordable layflat binder in the world.
  • Perfect alternative to PUR.
  • Produces true layflat books.
  • Highest binding strength in the industry - beating any other industrial glue binding method.
  • Can bind high gloss paper.
  • Can bind heavy paper that is much too thick for any other glue binding.
  • Can bind photobooks with layflat results (using the optional fangrinder unit).
  • Can bind NCR paper better than any other binding method.
  • Available in hotmelt EVA or cold glue PVA version, or in a dual medium that can switch between either glue type.
  • Unbelievably simple to use - minimal training required.
  • No professional installation required.
  • Can be shipped to any destination in the world.
  • Requires ultra-low maintenance.
  • Simple componentry means that repairs do not require trained technicians.
  • Machine can be upgraded in bolt-on fashion if additional features are required.

The genIUS Fanbinder produces books with the highest possible finishes. A perfectly symmetrical binding section like this is the hallmark of a perfect binding job.

What other advantages are there?

  • This machine uses minimal electric components.
  • The action is mostly mechanical.
  • Machines do not have to be installed by qualified technicians.
  • Machines can be shipped to the customer in a crate.
  • Machines need the absolute minimum maintenance.
  • Operator training is simple and can be done using a training DVD and supporting manual.
  • PVA glue means that books can be bound for temperature environments that are not suitable for perfect binding. This means that books can be bound for sub-zero temperatures and very high temperatures, such as in desert regions.

What market is this machine aimed at?

  • The machine was originally specifically developed for developing markets where super high quality binding was required at a low price, with minimal skill, for operators that do not mind a little more handling.
  • Experience is suggesting, however, that considering the unmatched quality of the books, this machine is going to be welcomed by sophisticated markets as well, simply because of the high binding quality.
  • The machine is also specifically aimed at the photobook market which requires the ability to bind thick, high gloss pages in a book block that is ready-prepared for case binding. This produces photobooks as flat as Smythe sewing.


The fangrinder unit in operation. A roughening roller grinds the coating off on both sides of every sheet in the book before the glue is applied on a separate glue roller.


100% layflat results are achieved with the genIUS fangrinder.


The highest binding strength yet has been  achieved. The paper will tear but the binding will not fail as the jagged paper edges illustrate.

A nead and tidy book back is produced.

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The genIUS fanbinder video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/_M8EYZUgSxA

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